showerman project

12 09 2008

Showerman Project was done (in collaboration with Javier Perez, Vasco Portugal and Peerapong Suntinanond) during one week workshop in Iaac under tutorship of  Sabine Muller and Andreas Quednau from architectural office SMAQ.

The aim of the whole workshop was redefining some basic objects connected with using water. Showerman is a prototype instalation of a new shower, which wraps user by water tubes, hides him and gives new possobilities of playing with everyday activity.

Process of generating three-dimensional form was done in rhinoscripting, which allows us to test many different variations and shapes during quite short time of workshop.

parametric hat

7 09 2008

“Parametric hat” is done (in a collaboration with Verena  Vogler) in the parametric design class under tutorship of Marta Male-Alemany in Iaac 2008. Our project is about how to customize a hat ; a multifunctional hat which depending on human dimentions and preferences provides wide spectrum of uses; starting from being a tiny decoration expressing human individuality, till the bigger cover that could even create kind of a personal shelter.

The digital model was from the beginning till the end made in a parame

tric software Top Solid, what enabled to adjust it in real time to specific needs of customers. Through the association of files we could controll and change the basic form and components together with laset cut files.

To create a parametric TopSolid model we developed the idea of three elipses which depend on one another in a parametric way. The center of the three elipses is situated on the same axes. The distance between each ellipse is changeable. The middle ellipse has its midpoint fixed to the axes. It refers to the size of the head. The lower ellipse and the upper ellipe can be changed in size and angle. A loft or a contour between and around these elipses generates the final shape of the hat.

parametric folding – iaac 2008 thesis project

5 09 2008

Iaac thesis project done inder tutorship of Martin Sobota. Formal investigation of folded planes, based on parametrically driven three-dimensional models.

workshops Barcelona 2009 video

2 09 2008

Pictures were taken at Iaac Barcelona 2007/2008 by Krystian Kwieciński, Dorota Kabała, Michał Piasecki and Tomas Diez.