socializing message spots in the faculty of architecture

28 10 2008

This is a project of  socializing “component” in the faculty of architecture done at the Hyperbody studio at the TU Delft under tutorship of Tomasz Jaskiewicz, where I used Rhinoscript to generate the form, creating both construction sceleton and 3d woven skin, both based on the series of needed sections.


My socializing component is a “joint” connecting other activities dispersed all over the faculty of architecture. It places itself at the intersections and along communication networks, since those are the hotspots where socializing points are likely to happen. Flexibility of the design, gained by parametric modelling, allows to adjust the space to certain scenario’s, offering wide spectrum of possibilities depending on the functions that it connects. It is all about how to make people stop for a while and pay their attention while passing through the space. In some cases it makes people hurry up, in others slow down by offering additional spaces in-between and intentionally using its spatial qualities. Changeability of the design is also amplified by the interactive skin entangling and defining the space, constantly changing its appearance in time.




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2 07 2010

Your blog is so COOOOL!

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