Research Centre Project

31 01 2009

Research Centre Project is based on a concept of dichotomy of the way research can be done. Considering bi-partion of the main idea, formal representation of the project consists of two different spaces – space of concentration and space of verbal communication which are in constant interaction. More on

Modelling my studio project at the TU Delft Hyperbody by rhinoscripting.


22 01 2009

WF_091 –  Workshops Factory workshop at Warsaw University of Technology School of Architecture is now confirmed. The workshop is going to take place in Warsaw, Poland between 03.04.2009 and 05.04.2009. The theme will be generation of parametric urban furniture with the usage of Rhinoceros VB script. Digital fabrication of 1:1 scale prototypes is also in the program. Please note that the workshop will be taught in polish – this is why all the detailed information is available in polish only.

Many thanks to ZPAWK and Marcin Brzeski for enormous help in making it happen.

We’re in the middle of the talks about consucting an international workshop taught in english in the second part of the year – it will most probably take place in Barcelona, Spain.

socializing component_part 2

15 01 2009




This is development of the project I posted some times ago. Now I decided to generate the basic form in parametric software Top Solid (parametrizing several laws of psychology of human perception which drives the 3D model) , which then is exported to Rhino wherethe detailed structure as well as the woven skin is created.
You can see here also a movie of form finding process, where architectural requirements are translated into abstract parameters driving the 3D model ( the translation is done due to the laws of psychology of perception)

and a movie of generating structure and skin of the already designed and chosen shape