surface division – an alternative for isoparametric division

22 03 2009

On the picture above  you can see my attempt to develop  new parametric way of surface division as an alternative for often used isoparametric division.

My approach was developed by incorporating scripts into GC, which was done during the design explorers class at the TU Delft under tutorship of Axel Kilian.

The robust division allows for adjusting the density accorging to the size of required elements as well as optimization of their size.


Protspace_3.0 – another trial

19 03 2009

Another preliminary trial of the design proposal for the Protospace_3.0 pavillon. Developed as a group work at the Hyperbody TU Delft studio by using rhinoscripting. Work in progress to be develpoed further.


First Processing Sketches

18 03 2009

My first Processing sketches as the result of the short – seven classes – course at the TU Delft by Axel Kilian. Exploration is focused on the possibilities given by the three dimensional display, which has zones of different behaviors (number of connections, speeed, colour). Then by interactive changes you are able to set it up in a specifc way. My first attempt to use Processing as powerful research tool for architecture purpose – it will be continued soon… 

protospace_3.0 pavillion/initial trials/

12 03 2009

the pictures underneath show investigation made during the protospace_3.0 design phase at the Hyperbody studio TU Delft.

behaviour of the opening components as well as the whole structure was created using rhinoscript.

the exploration is to be continued.