Wax and Water, a new approach

10 06 2009

As the project progressed I began to use processing as my tool of choice. With processing I was able to simulate a set of particals moving through a field and distorting it. With this I was able to create an effect similar to boiling water being poured repeatedly onto a solid block  of wax. Holes are created and material starts to relocate making bridges and voids. In the rendering you can see where the particals had their main avenue of flow and where they became more eratic at the end of the corridor creating some very interesting geometry. The surface was generated using Rhino and Rhinoscript.

These 6 forms are the result of different settings in the program. some variables include fluid eraticness, fluid speed , material/field density and time of processing.


Here is a shot of the interior of one of the variations with sun reflecting through the walls.




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