Catmull-Clark Mesh Smoothing For Rhino

13 07 2009

I have written a free C++ plugin for Rhino that allows for Catmull-Clark style mesh smoothing. I always loved the type of tessellation that was possible to create using Maya or Max so I made the same algorithm available to Rhino.

In the link below there are 2 plug-ins one is called “catsmooth” and the other is called “fixmesh”.  Catsmooth is the smoothing plug-in, it is a work in progress so for now it will only work on closed meshes. The other one “fixmesh” will rebuild a mesh to have the minimum number of vertices, this is necessary because some of the mesh primitives in Rhino have extra vertices for some reason. Before running the plug-in check that the number of verticies don’t far outweigh the number of faces, if they do run “fixmesh” first. Once you have run the command unify the mesh normals using “UnifyMeshNormals”.  Enjoy.

download here







7 responses

14 07 2009

hi erik

great to see your effort on catmull-clark…i love to see subd coming into rhino
we always did the workaround with exporting obj into 3dsmax or linking it with the obj-sequence script for animations
i kindly wanted you to ask if it is possible that you share the code wtih us because we are working with the rhino 5 64bit wip and i want to try it inside 64bit and your great tool is currentley only compiled for 32bit
so maybe we could exchange us…..
kindest regards

23 08 2009
Giulio Piacentino

hi Erik,
I’m also working for some time on the catmull clark subdivision algorithm and I just discovered your plugin! I will soon post a plugin which has very similar features (but does not require fixing, nor closed meshes). Mine, though, is simply developed in .net (C#). Could you please contact me by mail? I would be awesome.

16 11 2009


17 11 2009
Robert Springford

how do we get toplay with this
regards Robert

20 11 2009

I will post the source in the scripts library in a couple of days. Brush up on your c++ though before trying to modify it.

6 05 2010
Carlos Jorge Winkler

Boa tarde, gostaria de receber uma versão demo para testar.

10 05 2010

It will not be available for demo for a little while. I am still in the development process, it should be available later this summer. I will be presenting it at the AIA conference in Miami on June 10th. It should be available for beta testing in the rhino BIM platform soon after.

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