Parametric Table

2 08 2009

The aim of the project was to design a table, which could easily be mass customized. To do that I decided that the whole table will be produced from one flat sheet  of material using  only one digital fabrication technique. Streamlining the process, I decided to use water jet technology for efficient fabrication, which also works with wood-like materials and doesn’t require postproduction finishing.

The whole project is done as a parametric definition in Grasshopper. At the end when all the details were embedded it turned out to be quite messy. As this is still a first version approaching to be prototyped I intend to modify and clean it up later on.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

parametric table grasshopper



5 responses

5 03 2010

Could you tell me which software was used to create this animation? Is there a plug-in for rhino?
Many Thanks

12 03 2010

That was done by using Grasshopper, which is a parametric plugin for Rhinoceros.

12 03 2010

Thanks for the reply. But is there an option to animate in Grasshopper? If so could you tell me how?

Thank you!

14 03 2010

you can easily animate a parameter from Number Slider (right click->Animate..)
It is a bit more complicated when your parametric definition is controlled by few parameters. Here for the purpose of this animation I did it rather simple by creating one parameter which was controlling all the others.

15 03 2010

Oh I see! Thank you so much! 🙂

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