WF_094 NYC

30 08 2009

Week 3: Surfaces: Students learned to subdivide surfaces along their U and V directions. Excersizes included surface population according to normal’s, parametric trussing and surface paneling.




WF_094 NYC

30 08 2009

Week 2: Vectors and Functions. Students used a closest point function to populate a pointcloud with a series of parametric framing elements.


An example of a parametric framing system.


WF_094 NYC

30 08 2009

This august we held the first workshops factory seminar in North America. It was a 4 week seminar which introduced the potential of scripting as not only a generative tool but as an analysis tool. The seminar was based on rhinoscript, teaching the fundamentals of visual basic, exercising and exploring the rhinoscript library, and practicing through a series of exercises , tutorials and independent investigations.

WF_94 took place in New York from July 22nd to August 12th.  Participants included both students and professionals.
We would like to thank Studios Go for their fantastic facilities and cooperation.


Week 1: Visual Basic Introduction. Students began writing scripts using basic rhinoscript commands in looping and conditional statements.


One of the Introductory exercises– brick stacking, script based on simple rules moving, scaling and rotating objects.