Protospace 3.0 – design proposal/generative procedure

11 09 2009

“ Protospace is a vehicle for transdisciplinary research, education and design in form of a virtually augmented transaction space”(Kas Oosterhuis). In order to design that research laboratory for collaborative design in real-time, we were using a generative procedure that enabled people from different specializations ( styling, manufacturing, structural group, interactive group, MEP group ) to work simultanously on the project and inform each other. A component based methodology that we were using, allowed us to incorporate different functions by controlling parameters of one topology of the component. The components were supposed to be 3D milled pieces of reinforced EPS.

Protopace 3.0 was a design task for msc2 studio at the Hyperbody Research Group/TU Delft. We were responsible for form modelling and creating generative procedure in rhinoscripting






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8 06 2010
Protospace 3.0 Mock-up « workshops factory

[…] embedded inside them to reinforce floor of the pavilion. Here are the links to posts presenting process of generating Protospace 3.0 form and some publications about […]

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