WF is going to present at ArchFilm Fest in Poznań.

24 11 2009

This Friday (Nov 27th) Dorota Kabała and Krystian Kwieciński will present on  Arch Film Fest in Poznań. The Festival will take place in the Apollo Cinema, ul. Ratajczaka 18. The presentation will start around 7:00 pm. You are welcome to join us in Poznań. Many thanks for the invitation to

Publication in AWM

11 11 2009

Protospace 4.0 project was published in the November issue of  ‘Architektenweb Magazine’. It is a research project done in the Hyperbody studio at the TU Delft in colaboration with ONL. WF’s Agata Kycia and Krzysztof Gornicki were involed in  3D modelling and writing a generative procedure in rhinoscript. The project is going to be realised in Delft in summer 2010.


WF is about to present at Arch Film Fest in Katowice

3 11 2009

This Friday WF’s Michal Piasecki will make a presentation on the last day of Arch Film Fest in Katowice.

The venue is Centre of Film Art “Silesia”: Sokolowska 66. The talk will start around 7 pm, on 6th of Nov.

Michal will begin by introducing notions such as parametric modeling, scripting and programming. Then he is going to move to the examples of architectural applications of these tools. He will finish by discussing some of the potentials of optimization with genetic algorithms and augmenting designers in solving of ill-defined problems with other types of artificial intelligence.

You are welcome to join Michal in Katowice, if you will be around.

Many thanks for the invitation to

CATIA Threshold Lattice

2 11 2009

I have recently started scripting in CATIA. While Rhino is great for conceptual design and intuitive designing, CATIA has a much more robust kernel that allows for the display of hundreds of thousands of parts that can all maintain associativity. This type of program also offers the opportunity for associative documentation and manufacturing information.


This is a simple recreation of my threshold lattice script using powercopies and automated part instantiation.

Behavioral Analysis System

1 11 2009

This is a research project done under the guidence of dr. Nimish Biloria and ir. Marco Verde within the infomatters msc3 Design Studio at the Hyperbody TU Delft. We constructed a behavioral system that represents the relations between different factors on the site. By changing the values of those factors ( like activity, noise level a.s.o. ) you can interact with the system in real-time. Finally, the configuration of the particles becomes a rough sketch for the skeleton of the project. The research was done in Processing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.