FEA analysis – plugin. Ansys + Rhino

28 03 2010

Using c# with rhino and FORTRAN with Ansys I was able to create a FEA testing environment within Rhino. This enables the designer to get feedback on the proposed structural system allowing him to make changes during the conceptual phase of a design. This process does is not intended to replace the structural engineer by any means but rather provide information to better the design before ever approaching the engineer. The current plug-in evaluates stress and displacement for lattice structures using tube elements. Surface and solid interfaces are nearly completed and will be posed soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



2 responses

3 04 2010
Marc S.

Looking forward to it! Nice work.

Knowlton School of Architecture

14 04 2010
Rodrigo Medina

Hi first of all congratulations I have been following all yur work an is simply amazing I have find very useful for my research , about this plugin I ws wondering if it is going to run as a normal plugin for rhino or on a special enviorment and also if its going to work completly independent from the Ansys software, great job guys keep it up !!

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