about WF

Workshops Factory (WF) is an association for spreading knowledge on digital paradigm in design and investigating possibilities that emerge from associative parametric CAD-CAM environments. WF is involved in experimentation with generative methodologies, parametric modeling and computer aided manufacturing, emphasizing their integrated use from conception to construction. WF is a flexible organization which aims to operate internationally.



Krzysztof Jakub Gornicki (MArch Iaac Barcelona,BArch WAPW Warsaw) (Delft)
Krzysztof graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and Digital Tectonics Studio at Iaac, Barcelona. Currently he works as a designer and studies at the Delft University of Technology (Hyperbody Research Group). In his research he is mainly focused on computation and fabrication techniques in contemporary design process.

See Krzysztof’s work on workshopsfactory.com and hyperbodyblog.com



Dorota Kabała (MArch Iaac Barcelona, MA ASP Poznań) (Poznań/Warsaw)

Dorota graduated from Iaac Barcelona and ASP Poznań, where she was educated as a product designer and interior designer. She currently works as a designer running KNOCKOUTDESIGN.

See Dorota’s work at workshopsfactory.com or at knockoutdesign.org and at KNOCKOUTDESIGN blog.



Agata Kycia (MArch TU Delft, BArch WAPW Warsaw) (Amsterdam)
Agata graduated from the Delft University of Technology ( TU Delft), in the specialization Hyperbody – non-standard architecture. She did her bachelor at the Warsaw University of Technology (WAPW) and a master course in the field of Digital Tectonics at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya. Currently she works as a designer in Amsterdam.
See Agata’s work at workshopsfactory.com and hyperbodyblog.com



Krystian Kwieciński (MArch Iaac Barcelona, BArch WAPW Warsaw) (Warsaw)

Krystian Kwieciński graduated from Iaac in Barcelona and WAPW in Warsaw. He currently works as a designer in Warsaw.

See Krystian’s work at workshopsfactory.com


Michal Piasecki (MArch Iaac Barcelona, BArch WAPW Warsaw) (Warsaw/London)

Michal is a freelance designer and consultant specializing in generative design, parametric modeling, optimisation and digital fabrication. He is a teaching assistant at Master of Science in Adaptive Architecture and Computation at the Bartlett in London where he is also doing his PhD research. Focus of his research is deployment of evolutionary algorithms in configurators for online mass customization of products.

See Michal’s work at workshopsfactory.com or peer produced space.



Monika Szawioła (MArch Iaac Barcelona, BArch WAPW Warsaw) (New York)

Monika Szawioła graduated from IaaC in Barcelona and WAPW in Warsaw. She currently works as a designer in New York City.

See Monika’s work at workshopsfactory.com



Erik Thorson (BA University of Colorado at Boulder, MArch IaaC Barcelona, Pratt Brooklyn)( New York)

Erik Thorson has graduated from the University of Colorado at boulder and has received a masters of architecture with an emphasis in digital tectonics from IaaC. Erik is currently enrolled in Pratt Institute and works as a designer in New York City. His emphasis is on the integration of computer science and architectural design.

See Erik’s work at workshopsfactory.com

2 responses

9 10 2008
simon george

Dear Monika Szawioła

I recently saw your parametric house designed in top solid. Very nice to see. I have been getting more and more interested in designing in a associative way. I have been hearing a lot about this top solid programme. I was wondering how you learned to use top solid? Are there any good tutorials? Which version of top solid would you recommend using? I have not been able to get a copy myself, maybe you can help me out. It would be great to hear form you to get some more information. My emailadress is siruge@hotmail.com
Simon George
(from Holland)

15 12 2008
studying at Iaac in Barcelona « peer produced space

[…] (not accidentally) co-founders of Workshops Factory. It felt like back in the sunny Bcn, where the idea of WF was born, inspired by our common experience of studying at Institute of Advanced Architecture of […]

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