writing meta-objects for 3d printing

16 02 2009

Cellular Bowl is the first meta-object which I have designed specifically for the 3d printing technology. Here I don’t consider 3d-printing as a mean of manufacturing mock-ups or models but rather as a technology of fabrication of final pieces. The meta-object was written in Processing and it’s instances are available for purchase.

Follow the link here or click on the image for a longer description.


visualizing data through 3d printing

15 02 2009

As part of the Msc AAC at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies at UCL I was presented with a set of data from scanning for active blue-tooth devices in the city of Bath. I was working in a group with Zeta Kachri, Ankon Mitra and Kensuke Hotta. We have decided to visualize data through 3d printing.

For full description and more photos of the prints you can follow the link.



Connective Particles Ballet + 4 other Processing sketches

8 12 2008


The image above shows a differentiation in the outcomes of Connective Particles Ballet (a sketch in Processing) across two spectrum: connectivity of nodes and number of particles. Follow the link to see the video and a longer description.

Processing sketches – October

31 10 2008

I’ve been spending last month on getting around object-oriented programming (and I will continue to do so in the nearest future). It’s quite a different principle than scripting since it involves a bit more of programming structure (like classes and subclasses). Here are some early examples of my work in Processing. Follow the links for a detailed description of each program on my personal blog.

“customizable” rhizome


rose window

bezier curves drawing tool

first processing morning

5 08 2008

Coffee and processing was the breakfast today. It’s a very interesting language developed at MIT especially for artists and Msc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation which I’m going to attend from September is using it exclusively, so I thought I will give it a try before I go. Here is a first try out – some really simple 2d nested iteration of bezier curves.