socializing component_part 2

15 01 2009




This is development of the project I posted some times ago. Now I decided to generate the basic form in parametric software Top Solid (parametrizing several laws of psychology of human perception which drives the 3D model) , which then is exported to Rhino wherethe detailed structure as well as the woven skin is created.
You can see here also a movie of form finding process, where architectural requirements are translated into abstract parameters driving the 3D model ( the translation is done due to the laws of psychology of perception)

and a movie of generating structure and skin of the already designed and chosen shape


17 08 2008

Final thesis  in Iaac in the studio “Architectural Components, from Phaenotype to Genotype” under tutorshp Of Martin Sobota. The project is a proposal of fully automated design process being able to adapt to whatever input, negotiating in the same time the relation between intuitive manual sketch and advanced computation in the design process. Thanks to advanced digital technologies and usage of different associated softwares, it allows an overall control of the project, starting from the concept until the fabrication. Having set simple interface where input is a drawing, everybody can easily influence the design and adjust it to specific needs. Moreover, having introduced preferred settings, the project offers a lot of possible variations that can be applied be re-configuring the structure.

The base condition is modular grid of planes and differentiated connecting elements changing the angles between the planes, what allows re-configuring the overall form using the same elements, by simply exchanging the connections.

How does the design process work?

The process starts with a drawing of the required walking area on the grid (in black), where one pixel is one plane. Based on it several variations of pictures are being proposed (adding tones of grayscale to the grid). Then the RGB data is being translated into angle parameters that drive the parametric model. Whenever new drawing is being inserted, the whole process repeats and the project updates.

customize apartment

13 07 2008

Parametric house

12 07 2008

Projekt został wykonany wraz z Jordim Roses. Całośc powstała w parametrycznym programie Top Solid. Poniżej rozpisane są użyte parametry.

The Project was done with Jordi Roses. Whole has been created in a parametric software Top Solid. Below are parameters what have been used.

Geometryczna konstrukcja jest ściśle połączona z parametrami, za pomocą których: istnieje możliwość zmiany powierzchni poszczególnych pomieszczeń. Następnie dostosowanie konstrukcji w zależności od nasłonecznienia, oraz dopasowania obiektu do topografii terenu.

Geometrical construction is strictly connected with parameters, by using this is possible to change the area of rooms. Next step is to adjust construction depending on the insolation, and adapt the object to the topography.

podstawowy model 3d

basic 3d model

Model wykonany za pomocą wycinarki laserowej

The model done by usng laser cutter