Script Library

This is our collection of scripts which we are making open to the public. Here you will find scripts posted in a variety of languages from c++ to Rhinoscipt, all of which are intended to be used for educational purposes.

Threshold Lattice

Language: Rhinoscript

Author: Erik

This script constructs a lattice on a randomly generated point cloud connecting the 3 closest points to any given point.


Two Grids

Language: MEL

Author: Erik and Monika

This script connects points from a randomized point set and a Cartesian point set.


Pulling CV’s

Language: Rhinoscript

Author: Erik

This script simply iterates through a set of surface CV points and moves them. With a little manipulation and more specificity this script can offer amazing results.



Language: Rhinoscript

Author: Agata and Krzysztof

The script  creates a ‘pillow’ shape component and populates it on a selected surface.


Attraction Zones

Language: Rhinoscript

Author: Krzysztof

This script takes a grid of squares and multiple attraction points, and then creates based on that 3D figures.

attraction zones

One response

16 09 2009

thanks for the heads up on these cool workshops!
I’m particularly interested in your “threshold lattice” and the “two grids” scripts.
Wondering if you could recommend a fool-proof way to fabricate these on the laser cutter? Thank you

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