WF is about to present at Arch Film Fest in Katowice

3 11 2009

This Friday WF’s Michal Piasecki will make a presentation on the last day of Arch Film Fest in Katowice.

The venue is Centre of Film Art “Silesia”: Sokolowska 66. The talk will start around 7 pm, on 6th of Nov.

Michal will begin by introducing notions such as parametric modeling, scripting and programming. Then he is going to move to the examples of architectural applications of these tools. He will finish by discussing some of the potentials of optimization with genetic algorithms and augmenting designers in solving of ill-defined problems with other types of artificial intelligence.

You are welcome to join Michal in Katowice, if you will be around.

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WF presents at Arch Film Fest in Lodz

29 10 2009

Last Saturday WF’s Dorota Kabala and Krystian Kwiecinski talked about parametric and generative design at the architectural movies festival “Arch Film Fest” in Lodz, Poland. The presentation was mainly focused on Workshops Factory projects and activities, displaying a wide spectrum of computational design, including scripting, programming, parametric modeling and digital fabrication.


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WF presented on Arch Film Fest in Krakow

12 10 2009

Last Friday WF’s Michal Piasecki talked about the implications of computational design for architectural practices on the last day of the architectural movies festival “Arch Film Fest” in Krakow Poland. First the notion of parametrization of forms, which allows the designer to move away from creating fixed geometry towards working on hierarchies of elements was discussed. Later the potential of optimization through natural selection in genetic algorithms was mentioned by presentation of two case studies:

– sun exposure optimization by Fred Labbe

– STL microstructure optimization by Sean Hanna and dr. Siavash H. Mahdavi


The possibility of augmenting the designer in the process of solving ill-defined problems via artificial intelligence closed the talk.

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WF_092: 17th – 21st of August in Warsaw

24 08 2009

WF_092 was a workshop about parametric modeling and digital fabrication which took place from 17th till 21th of August 2009 in Warsaw. We would kindly like to thank Bentley Systems and for their valuable help in organizing it. Our parametric tool was Generative Components and digital fabrication tool was a 2d water jet.

17th of August begun with a general introduction to computational design: from computational forms to the potential of artificial intelligence in design. An introduction to computational design tools such as parametric modeling, scripting and programming followed.We have spent the rest of the day on type-along GC tutorials.

18th of August begun with an introduction to computer aided manufacturing. From then on workshop’s participants worked in teams on parametric designs of urban furniture.

A mock-up of one of the designs was manufactured using water-jet and assembled on the 21st of August.

We would like to thanks to all of the participants for their inspiring and hard work.

Below is a video screen capture of the manufactured model in GC and a couple of images of the final piece:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

WF_092 1

WF_092 3

WF_092 4

Water jet cutter in action:

WF_092 5

Assembly of the final piece at the digital manufacturing facility:

WF_092 6

WF_092 8

WF_092 is currently taking place

20 08 2009

We are currently tutoring WF_092 – a Generative Components and digital fabrication workshop in Warsaw. It is organized in collaboration with Bentley Systems and The workshop begun on 17th on August. We have spent four days on modeling and scripting in GC at the premises of Bentley Systems’ division in Poland. Tomorrow we are visiting the water jet fabrication facility in order to cut out and assemble urban furniture designed by workshop’s participants


photo: courtesy of Krzysztof Sołoducha