Warsaw Cultural Centre – Urban Scale Model

31 10 2010

The last part of the Warsaw Cultural Centre (WCC)  project was about an urban scale model in 1:1000 scale. Its purpose was to show all crucial relations between the WCC and its direct surrounding. Project site plays important role in the city structure of Warsaw by being transportation and commercial hub. Thus it was necessary to take all this isseus into consideration and measure it by numeric parameters, what was later used for project generation. The picture below presents part of the city,  which would be highly influenced by the project and that is why it was chosen to be finally modelled.


The urban scale model consists of two parts, which vary in terms of its status and a fabrication technique. The first part represents a piece of Warsaw city centre in the form it will look like in the next 3 years, meaning it shows also projects which are now under construction. It was laser cut in many layers and at the end put together.  Warsw Cultural Centre was the second part of the model. The form of the project was created by using 3D printed technique.

WF workshops are part of the Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition in London

16 06 2010

6 workshops conducted to date by Workshops Factory in Poland and in USA will be featured on Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition in London. The exhibition is curated by Nous gallery as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010.

Thanks to the courtesy of Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology the exhibition will feature 3d printed models of students’ works from our very fist workshop, wf_091 conducted at the WAPW in Warsaw. Below are some photos of the models currently travelling to London.

The exhibition opens Friday 18 of June 2010 at 6pm.

The venue is: 3.01 Tea Building, 5 – 13 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6JJ.

Photos: courtesy of Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology.

Brick wall-3d print

30 10 2009

This is a scale model of a wall designed at Gage/Clemenceau Architects. This model will enable us to get a better idea of the wall’s composition and organization before fabricating it in a larger scale.


Wax and Water 3dPrint

25 06 2009

For my final model I chose a small section of the overall model to 3d print. These are some immages of the section model.


writing meta-objects for 3d printing

16 02 2009

Cellular Bowl is the first meta-object which I have designed specifically for the 3d printing technology. Here I don’t consider 3d-printing as a mean of manufacturing mock-ups or models but rather as a technology of fabrication of final pieces. The meta-object was written in Processing and it’s instances are available for purchase.

Follow the link here or click on the image for a longer description.


visualizing data through 3d printing

15 02 2009

As part of the Msc AAC at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies at UCL I was presented with a set of data from scanning for active blue-tooth devices in the city of Bath. I was working in a group with Zeta Kachri, Ankon Mitra and Kensuke Hotta. We have decided to visualize data through 3d printing.

For full description and more photos of the prints you can follow the link.




12 07 2008

Obiekt 3d wymodelowany został w Rhino. Powstał w ramach modułu (szescianu 6 na 6cm). Poniżej widoczny jest wydruk 3d .

3d object was modeled in Rhino. It was created within a module (a 6 by 6cm cube). Below pictures of the 3d print are displayed .

test mozliwosci drukarki 3d – 3d printer capacity test

4 07 2008

Szescian 6 na 6 cm mial zostac wypelniony calkowicie arbitralna forma. Celem cwiczenia bylo przetestowanie mozliwocis drukarki 3d pod wzgledem grubosci elementow mozliwych do wydrukowania. Efektem jest skomplikowana siec rurek o przekroju 2 mm.


A 6 by 6 cm cube was to be filled with an arbitrary form. The aim was to test the capacity of 3d printer to print thin elements. The effect of the exercise is a complex matrix of 2 mm thick pipes.

Cube printed during the 1st term seminar “digital fabrication” run by Marte Male-Alemany and Shane Salisbury at Iaac.